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 Sydney, Wollongong, South Coast NSW

Meet the karaoke hosts of Billy Goat Karaoke shows. Male or female hosts to suit your venue. Find the right karaoke host or karaoke DJ.

The Billy Goat Karaoke HOSTS:

TOMMO: a fun, supportive karaoke host, and a bit of a rascal who likes to put smiles on faces with a cheeky sense of humour.

Tommo (Shaun Thomson) is the owner operator of Billy Goat Karaoke, and has had over fifteen years stage experience in various bands, karaoke and trivia shows (click here to get to the Tommo's Trivia page), both in Australia and New Zealand.

Able to read crowds and respond accordingly, Tommo keeps the show energetic and running smoothly.



MELISSA: forever encouraging her singers, Melissa loves to watch people come out of their shells on stage, and sets up the perfect energetic atmosphere for this to happen.

A natural karaoke DJ, Mel runs the Oaks Hotel karaoke every Sat fortnight, and she also runs Tommo's Trivia at Dapto Bowls (Marshall St) on Tues nights, and Boyles Sutherland on Wed nights.

BARRA: one of the most social animals on the planet, Glenn "Barra" Barrington is first and foremost a people person, and this is reflected in both his professional and personal life.

He has travelled the world extensively, worked in Europe for two years, run karaoke and trivia nights in Great Britain, and loves a good party!

A fantastic karaoke host able to bring out the best in even the shyest performers.



MAX: the newest member of the team, Max came to my attention after winning one of our karaoke comps.

Great voice, and knows how to run a fair and quick paced show to make sure as many people get to sing as possible.

You can catch Max Saturdays at the Rag n' Famish, North Sydney

MATT: a powerhouse performer in his own right, Matt Schlam is the newest but busiest member of our team.

He has toured as Jimmy Barnse's guitarist, has his own album out, and is an all round damn good bloke. Always got a smile on his face, except when he's got his rock face on - then it's game on!!

You can catch Matt every Sat night at the Rag n' Famish, North Sydney.



If you're looking to hire a karaoke host for your venue, come down to a gig and check out the Billy Goat Hosts in action. Tommo, owner of Billy Goat Karaoke, has listened to the observations and wishes of karaoke performers over the years, and taken note of the complaints they have had about other karaoke hosts and shows. Constantly making ehancements to the Billy Goat Karaoke shows, he has added policies and procedures to avoid the things that makes performers shun venues that book karaoke hosts continuing to ignore their needs.


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